Cleaners, Lubricants, Degreasers & Hand Wipes

At CrushinAG, we have a large inventory to pull from when you are searching for brake cleaner to lubricants and anti-corrosions to hand wipes. We take pride in offering brands like B’laster®, CorrosionX®, Gunk® and more for use on farm to automotive, from precision agriculture to the weekend warriors. We do our best fulfill our orders the same day but with supply chain issues we all face, stock volume varies on a number of things.

Don’t see something that you are looking for? Have a specific product question or need support? Want to check or confirm inventory? You can call our office at 270-978-3198 or, shoot us a text to 270-978-3198. As always, feel free shoot us an email to We’re here to help, it’s what we do!

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