Double Amber LED 4.5″ Flashing Light | TLFL2



Item Number: TLFL2

Tiger Lights Double Sided Warning Light is the perfect choice for mounting to your John Deere tractor, combine, cotton picker or windrower or Allis Chalmers tractor. The super bright LED light combines with the amber color to serve as the perfect warning light for your agricultural machinery. With double sided lenses, you’ll be able to alert others from both directions. The lighting unit comes with a 1/2″ mounting stud, aluminum body and 25 bulbs per side. Use this warning light as either a turn signal or running light.

Note- This light does not have a built-in flasher. You’ll want to install a flashing relay inline to produce a flashing effect.

Double Amber LED Flashing Light, TLFL2
Allis ChalmersTractor160
Allis ChalmersTractor170
Allis ChalmersTractor175
Allis ChalmersTractor180
Allis ChalmersTractor185
Allis ChalmersTractor190
Allis ChalmersTractor200
Allis ChalmersTractor210
Allis ChalmersTractor440
Allis ChalmersTractor5040
Allis ChalmersTractor5050
Allis ChalmersTractor6040
Allis ChalmersTractor6060
Allis ChalmersTractor6070
Allis ChalmersTractor6080
Allis ChalmersTractor7000
Allis ChalmersTractor7010
Allis ChalmersTractor7020
Allis ChalmersTractor7030
Allis ChalmersTractor7040
Allis ChalmersTractor7045
Allis ChalmersTractor7050
Allis ChalmersTractor7060
Allis ChalmersTractor7080
Allis ChalmersTractorD19
John DeereCombine3300
John DeereCombine4400
John DeereCombine4420
John DeereCombine4425
John DeereCombine4435
John DeereCombine5200
John DeereCombine5400
John DeereCombine5440
John DeereCombine5460
John DeereCombine5720
John DeereCombine5730
John DeereCombine5820
John DeereCombine5830
John DeereCombine6600
John DeereCombine6601
John DeereCombine6602
John DeereCombine6620
John DeereCombine6622
John DeereCombine7700
John DeereCombine7701
John DeereCombine7720
John DeereCombine7721
John DeereCombine8820
John DeereCotton Picker283
John DeereCotton Picker299
John DeereCotton Picker740
John DeereCotton Picker9960
John DeereTractor820
John DeereTractor920
John DeereTractor1020
John DeereTractor1120
John DeereTractor1520
John DeereTractor2020
John DeereTractor2120
John DeereTractor2510
John DeereTractor2520
John DeereTractor3020
John DeereTractor4000
John DeereTractor4010
John DeereTractor4020
John DeereTractor4030
John DeereTractor4040
John DeereTractor4050
John DeereTractor4230
John DeereTractor4240
John DeereTractor4250
John DeereTractor4320
John DeereTractor4430
John DeereTractor4440
John DeereTractor4450
John DeereTractor4520
John DeereTractor4620
John DeereTractor4630
John DeereTractor5010
John DeereTractor5020
John DeereTractor7020
John DeereWindrower2280
John DeereWindrower2320
John DeereWindrower2420
John DeereWindrower3430
John DeereWindrower3830