50″ Single Row LED Light Bar | TL50SRC


50in Single Row LED Light Bar

Includes: Stainless Steel Hardware, Mounting Brackets


Tiger Lights 50″ Single Row LED Light Bar produces crisp, white light that is 330 percent brighter than typical halogen lights. With a lumens rating of 25200, you’ll be pleased at how much easier it will be to see at night. Dark spaces are instantly illuminated so you can see farther and wider with this light’s combination spot/flood pattern. With an expected 50,000 hours of service life, you won’t be replacing this light bar as often as you might with other lights.

Tiger Lights uses premium materials in the design of this light so that it can handle tough conditions. Stainless steel hardware and mounting brackets withstand the elements to prevent corrosion that can shorten the life of lesser lighting components.

Item Number: TL50SRC

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