AMP Super Seal 1.5 Crimper Tool, 58583-1 ProCrimp


The TE Connectivity/AMP Brand part 58583-1 is a high-quality PROCRIMP HT&D SUPRSEAL 1.5 SER connector. Designed for reliable and efficient crimping, this connector is perfect for a wide range of applications. With superior sealing capabilities, it ensures excellent performance and protection against moisture and environmental factors. Trust in the durability and performance of the TE Connectivity/AMP Brand part 58583-1 for all your crimping needs.
  • Tool Grade : Commercial Crimp Tooling
  • Ratchet Configuration : Operator Releasable & Adjustable
  • Die Sets Type : Removable/Interchangeable
  • Specification Type : TE Product Specification (114-)
  • TE Certification : Upon Request for Fee
  • Power Technology Type : Battery, Electric, Manual
  • Tooling Type : PRO-CRIMPER Hand Tool
  • Crimp Form-Wire Barrel Type : Open Barrel – F Crimp

Tooling Guide by TE

AMP SuperSeal 1.5 58583-1 Instruction Sheet

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