Automotive Connectors MALE O/PUT TANG SEALED, 32006-C22


  • Eaton’s Power Distribution Connectors
  • 32006-C22 Power Distribution Connector
  • Green
  • Tanged 280 Series Female Terminals
  • Connects with MINI/ATM Fuses, MINI circuit breakers, ISO 280 Micro Relays, ssVEC & mVEC modules
  • Based on the industry standard 2.8mm (mini) footprint, the Eaton power distribution connector accepts plug-in fuses, relays, circuit breakers, resistors and diodes to meet numerous power management requirements
  • 200A maximum rating
  • 30A per output 8 relays/8 fuses
  • Maximum of 32 fuses or various combinations thereof (unique design configurations may be required)
  • Cover: B151-7184-S (short) or B151-7184-L (long)
  • Brackets: B028-7013 (side bracket); 32006-C22 8 Way Green, C-Key Connector.