3 Way Metri Pack Connectors, Female Plug, 150.2 Series, Pull-To-Seat Sealed, Black, Purple Wire Seal


3-Way Female Metri-Pack Housings, 150 Series, Pull-to-Seat  Part Number:12065287

Metri-Pack 150.2 Pull-to-Seat terminals are different from Metri-Pack 150 Series terminals

Unsealed housings use unsealed terminals and sealed housings use sealed terminals.


  • Commercial Vehicles (Trucks)
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Sensors
  • Throttle Sensor
Black, Purple Seal, 12065287-B MP 150.2, 3 Way Plug | 4152C-3F-BLKPUR5
12065287-B5 PACK | Black, Purple Seal, 12065287-B MP 150.2, 3 Way Plug | 4152C-3F-BLKPUR5
ConnectorsAutomotive Connectors
Contact GenderWithout Socket Contacts
Current Rating14 A
GenderReceptacle (Female)
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 125 C
Minimum Operating Temperature- 40 C
Mounting StyleCable Mount / Free Hanging
Number of Cavities3 Cavity
Number of Positions3 Position
Number of Rows2 Row
Product TypeAutomotive Connectors
Sealed / UnsealedSealed
SeriesMetri-Pack 150
Termination StyleCrimp

Delphi Metri-Pack Connectors

  • Performance Advantages
  • With an extended product range, Metri-Pack Connection Systems offer significant design and application versatility. Metri-Packs feature Terminal Position Assurance (TPA), Connector Position Assurance (CPA), serrated crimps and triple-rib peripheral seals. In addition, these field-proven systems provide exceptional performance, confirmed over many years on global applications.
  • Delphi Metri-Pack Connection Systems utilize internationally standardized male blade sizes, allowing for flexibility in design.  Blade sizes range from 1.5 mm to 8 mm with current capability ranging from 14 to 60 amps.
  • Metri-Pack Connectors are designed to be compatible with processing techniques such as automated pull-to-seat and push to-seat assembly, dual-stage crimping, load cell crimp inspection and automated part identification and orientation. Delphi Metri-Pack Connector systems with silver interface platings pass the SAE® (Society of Automotive Engineers) J2030* Heavy-Duty Electrical Connector Standard.
  • Ideal for low energy electronic circuits or power circuit applications, the Metri-Pack product line includes:
  • High-performance interconnects in sealed or unsealed versions
  • Custom-engineered direct connections to motors, switches, sensors and other devices
  • Environmentally sealed electronic headers with current capacity of 14 amps, designed for service in severe environments
  • Junction blocks and electrical centers

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