Circuit Breaker Accessories SHORT COVER FOR CFH CONNECTOR B151-7184-S


  • Max amperage: The CFH is limited to a total of 100A maximum rating when designed under SAE guidelines. Terminal limitations are according to Delphi Metri-pak 280 guidelines (consult Delphi documentation)
  • Temperature rating: -40°C (-40°F) to 125°C (260°F)
  • Materials:
  • Cover: 94V0 clear polycarbonate
  • Connector: 94V0 thermoplastic
  • Brackets: Side and end – zinc plated steel with chromate finish
  • Servicable parts:
  • Cover: B151-7184-S (short) or B151-7184-L (long)
  • Brackets: B028-7013 (side bracket); 32006-C22 8 Way Green, C-Key Connector.

The Connector Fuse Holder (CFH) is a small easy-to-use power distribution module which can hold up to four 2.8mm footprint protective devices. Designed to hold relays, circuit breakers, fuses, diodes, resistors and/or transorbs, the CFH is ready to support all of your small or last minute power distribution requirements. 

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