Complete LED Light Kit for John Deere Combines | JDKit-6



Item Number: JDKit-6

Tiger Lights has made it easy to upgrade the lights of your John Deere combine to brightly illuminated LED lights, which can shine up to 330 percent brighter than halogen bulbs. This Complete LED Light Kit is for John Deere Combines with Large Oval Cab Lights. Upgrade to LED lights with one convenient purchase rather than having to locate and buy all the lights separately.  Installation is easy because the lights use the original mount and wiring. Stainless steel hardware and Connectors ensure a long lasting, corrosion-free service life.

Kit Includes:

  • 4 – TL8060 (Cab Oval Headlights)
  • 4 – TL8090 (Cab Round Headlights)
  • 2 – TL9000 (Side Row Finder)
  • 6 – TL5655 (Stubble Lights, Field Lights, Auger Light, Etc…)


Complete LED Light Kit for John Deere Combines, JDKit-6
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John DeereCombineS690HM
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