3 Way Metri Pack Connectors Kits, Complete, 280 Series, Sealed


Complete Metri-Pack 280 Series Connector Kit Includes:

  • Connector Body:  Female-Plug Connector Body
  • Connector Body:  Male-Receptacle Connector Body
  • Accessory:  TPA Locks
  • Accessory:  Sockets
  • Accessory:  Pins
  • Accessory:  Wire Seals
  • Connector Body:  Male & Female Complete Connector Kit
  • Circuits:  3
  • Wire AWG Terminals:  18-16

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    In the meantime, check out our knowledge base and YouTube Video the reviews the basics of Metri-Pack 150 Series.

    Kit Item QtyKit Item SKUKit Item OEM#Part-Item Description
    1428C-3M15300003Connector Body, Delphi-Aptiv, 15300003 Receptacle Connector, Metri-Pack 280 Series Sealed, Male Body, Black, Accepts Pins, 3 Way, 30 Amp Max  | 428C-3M
    1428C-3F12040977Connector Body, Delphi-Aptiv, Plug Connector, 12040977 Metri-Pack 280 Series Sealed, Female Body, Black-Red, Accepts Sockets, 3 Way, 30 Amp Max  | 428C-3F
    3428P-181612048159Contact-Terminal, Delphi-Aptiv, Pin, 12048159 Metri-Pack 280 Series Sealed Connector, Male Pin, Tanged, 20-18 AWG, 30 Amp Max  | 428P-1816
    3428S-181612077411Contact-Terminal, Delphi-Aptiv, Socket, 12077411 Metri-Pack 280 Series Sealed Connector, Female Socket, Tanged, 20-18 AWG, 30 Amp Max  | 428S-2018
    62WSEALGRN15324982Delphi-Aptiv Weather Pack 15324982 Weather-Pack Metri-Pack 280 Series Green Cable Seal (12015323) | 2WSEALGRN
    1428TPA-3F12034145TPA Secondary Lock, Delphi-Aptiv, 3 Way TPA Lock,12034145 Metri-Pack 280 Series Sealed Connector, Black, Female Gender | 428TPA-3F
    1428TPA-3M15300015Delphi-Aptiv 15300015 Metri-Pack 280 Series TPA Secondary Lock Clip, 3-Contact, Male, Cream

    Aptiv-Delphi brand Metri-Pack sealed connectors are available in device and in-line connections for underhood vehicle applications.  Metri-Pack 280 Series connectors can meet or exceed the requirements for most marine, appliance, and industrial control applications. Utilizes triple-rib peripheral silicone rubber seals.

    Metri-Pack 280 Series Applications

    • Agriculture
    • Marine
    • Automotive
    • Large Trucks, Semi
    • Dump Trucks
    • Engine & Motor Applications
    • Construction Equipment
    • Off-Road
    • UTV/ATV Vehicles

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