22-20awg Metri-Pack Connectors Terminal, 150 Series, Sealed, Female, Socket


  • Manufacturer: Delphi-Aptiv
  • Manufacturer OEM PN#: 12089290-L
  • Contact Use150.2 Sealed Pull-To-Seat Plug Connectors
  • Wire Gauge:  22-20
  • Category: Metri-Pack 150 Series
  • Max Current 14 Amps
  • Operating Temperature: -40c to 125c
  • Cable Diameter: 2.2 mm to 1.3 mm
  • Use in high demand situations along with low-energy electronic circuits
  • Empty cavities must be filled with cavity plugs


    Aptiv-Delphi brand Metri-Pack sealed connectors are available in device and in-line connections for underhood vehicle applications.  Metri-Pack 150 Series connectors can meet or exceed the requirements for most marine, appliance, and industrial control applications. Utilizing triple-rib peripheral silicone rubber seals, Metri-Pack 150 Series sealed systems are ideally suited for critical, low-energy electronic applications that require protection from environmental hazards.

    Metri-Pack 150.2 Pull-To-Seat Series Applications

    • Agriculture
    • Marine
    • Automotive
    • Large Trucks, Semi
    • Dump Trucks
    • Engine & Motor Applications
    • Construction Equipment
    • Off-Road
    • UTV/ATV Vehicles

    Metri-Pack 150.2 Pull-To-Seat Series Uses (see table below)

    • Temperature Sensors
    • Throttle Body Sensors
    • Crankshaft Sensors
    • Distributor Modules
    • Throttle Sensors
    • Pressure Sensors
    150_2 Series Uses - If you don't see your connector on our site, let us know, we'll get it for you!
    UsesConnector PN - DescriptionCircuits
    Application Use:Temperature Sensors12162193 (Black/Green Seal)2
    Application Use:Temperature Sensors12162197 (Gray/Green Seal)2
    Application Use:Temperature Sensors12162194 (Black/Tan Seal)2
    Application Use:Temperature Sensors12162198 (Gray/Tan Seal)2
    Application Use:Temperature Sensors12162195 (Black/Orange Seal)2
    Application Use:Temperature Sensors12162199 (Gray/Orange Seal)2
    Application Use:Throttle Body Injector12162215 (Black/Brown Seal)2
    Application Use:Throttle Body Injector12162216 (Black/Lt. Gray Seal)2
    Application Use:Throttle Body Injector12162217 (Black/Gray Seal)2
    Application Use:Throttle Body Injector12162218 (Gray/Yellow Seal)2
    Application Use:Crankshaft Sensor12162182 (Black/Green Seal)3
    Application Use:Crankshaft Sensor12162280 (Gray/Green Seal)3
    Application Use:Crankshaft Sensor12162185 (Black/Lt.Gray Seal)3
    Application Use:Crankshaft Sensor12162279 (Gray/Lt.Gray Seal)3
    Application Use:Distributor Module12162188 (Black/Green Seal)4
    Application Use:Distributor Module12162191(Black/Blue Seal)4
    Application Use:Distributor Module12162189 (Black/Tan Seal)4
    Application Use:Distributor Module12162190 (Black/Orange Seal)4
    Application Use:Distributor Module12162210 (Black/Green Seal)6
    Application Use:Distributor Module12162260 (Black/Tan Seal)6
    Application Use:Distributor Module12162261(Black/Lt. Gray Seal)6
    Application Use:Throttle Sensor12065287-B (Black/Purple Seal)3

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