Deutsch Field Crimping Tool, HDT-48-00

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  • Part Number: HDT-48-00
  • Series: HD30 Series, HDP20 Series, DRC Series, HD10 Series, DT Series, DTM Series, DTP Series, DTHD Series, DRB Series, DTV Series, AEC Series, STRIKE Series, Jiffy Splice
  • Solid/Stamped and Formed: Solid Only
  • Contact Size: 12, 16, 20
  • Special Features: Hand
  • Solid Contacts: y
  • Category: Crimping and Extraction Tools

Download HDT-48-00 Product Datasheet

To See More on Using the DT-RT1 Deutsch Removal Tool and more information about the Deutsch DT Series Connectors, you can simply check out our friendly Knowledge Base articles and videos for all of the information you need at your fingertips!  See the video below for proper use of the connector system and how to use the DT-RT1 Removal tool.

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