The most accurate ground speed sensor on the market

Measuring ground speed has never been easier than with DICKEY-john high-performance ground speed sensors. The DICKEY-john Radar III is a third-generation ground speed sensor that delivers the truest velocity measurement available.

Features and Benefits:

• Small, compact design that does not sacrifice on performance

• High-tech planar array for truest possible velocity measurement

• Views ground surface for accurate ground speed detection

• Velocity errors of less than or equal to 1% from 2–67 mph

after field calibration

• Easy to install

• Mounts to view forward or backward from the vehicle

Backed by the power of DICKEY-john:

When you buy a Radar III Ground Speed Sensor, you get all the dependability and value you expect from DICKEY-john products. DICKEY-john’s advanced technology and superior electronics are backed by a team of expert, in-house mechanical, electrical, software, and test engineers.

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