Double Sided Mounting Tape, Scotch® Extreme Mega Roll 1 In X 400 In


This is easily one of our most used products in our line up!  We use this product almost everyday.  We use it for installs, we use it on our own trucks, we use in the field, we use it in our offices and in our own houses!  This is one of those products that every technician, electrician, farmer, backyard mechanic and weekend warrior has to have in his toolbox!  It’s a must have….. Period.

  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH: Our strongest tape for our toughest jobs
  • SUPERIOR BOND: Delivers a superior, conformable bond on contact
  • HOLDS UP TO 30 LB: Features 3M™ industrial strength adhesive (To hold 1 lb use 2″, To hold 30 lb use 60″)
  • SURFACES: Designed for Painted Drywall, Painted/Finished Wood, Metal, Acrylic, Smooth Stone, and Painted Concrete
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE: Application temperature 50°F to 100°F
  • EASY TO APPLY DESIGN: Great for do-it-yourself projects
  • NO MESS OR TOOLS: Use instead of nails and screws
  • APPLICATION TIPS: Ensure your surface is smooth, clean and dry for the best bond
  • MADE IN: U.S.A. with globally sourced materials

Scotch® Extreme Double Sided Mounting Tape features 3M™ Industrial Strength Adhesive. Holding up to 30 lbs this maximum strength, conformable tape can be used indoors and outdoors.

For your toughest jobs, go for our strongest hold–Scotch® Extreme Double-Sided Mounting Tape with its 3M™ industrial strength adhesive. Equipped with our powerful permanent adhesive, this double-sided tape defies gravity, holding an item up to 24 pounds. It’s weather resistant for a long lasting bond, indoors and outdoors. So whether you’re mounting artwork in your new apartment, or adding wall organization to the garage, Scotch-Mount™ Extreme Double-Sided Mounting Tape does the job quickly, easily and without the hassle of tools.

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