e-Flow 80/20 Graphite Talc Mix 8 lb. Jug, Precision Planting, 930004


A clean and convenient measuring lid that fits the eFlow jug. The lid meters 1/8 cup of eFlow with each turn of a handle – two turns equals ¼ cup delivered directly into the hopper.

This special blend of talc and graphite improves seed loading and seed release – and that improves seed spacing.

  • eFlow improves the flow of seed from the hopper to the meter. In the meter,
  • eFlow ensures that seeds release consistently once the vac is shut off and seeds drop to the seed tube.
  • The addition of graphite, especially in smaller seeds, helps seeds slide off the disk like clockwork.

Useage: eFlow is available in a convenient 8# jug. That’s enough to lubricate 160 units of seed corn

  • Just mix ¼ cup of eFlow per 80,000 seeds
  • On large seeds, 60# or more per 80,000 seeds, reduce the rate to 1/8 cup.
  • Approximately 40 cups per jug of material.
  • 40 x 4 (quarter cups) = 160 units of seed treated with each jug of material
  • 160 units x 2.67 acres per unit of seed = 427 acres planted per 8# container

Treated seeds with a rough coating may need more eFlow.

Download e-Flow Product Information Sheet

Download e-Flow Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS

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