Fuse Holder, In-Line, 20A, Splashproof, 3.5-in/16AWG Leads, ATO/FKS Blade Fuse, Littelfuse?FHAC0001ZXJG


Product Information

Quickly add circuit protection for accessory lighting, panel displays, air conditioners, and blower motors using the ATO® FHAC Series 32V Waterproof In-Line Fuse Holder. This blade fuse holder features a built-in protective cover to provide an IP67-rated waterproof and dust-tight enclosure. The standard configurations are compatible with ATO® blade fuses from 1A to 20A, while the heavy-duty configurations accept ATO® blade fuses up to 25A or 30A, depending on the model.


  • Max Current Rating:20A, 25A, 30A
  • Max Current Rating Terminal:20A
  • Fuse Type:ATO®
  • Fuse Ignition Protection: V-0
  • Ignition-Proof: UL 94
  • Ingress Rating: IP-67
  • Input Terminals: ATO®
  • Fuse Blades
  • Mounting Method: IN LINE FUSE HOLDER
  • Max Voltage Rating: 32 VDC
  • Wire Size: 12 AWG, 14 AWG, 16 AWG, 0.5 MM2


  • Accessory Lighting (Standard-Duty)
  • Panel Displays/Electronics (Standard-Duty)
  • Air Conditioners / Blower Motors (Heavy-Duty)

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