LED Amber Warning Light for Rear Extremity Arm | TL2030



Item Number: TL2030

Tiger Lights LED Amber Light for Rear Extremity Arm is the perfect replacement for many John Deere tractor models. The LED warning light shines brightly through its amber lens cover to make sure others notice you. When you take your tractor onto the road, motorists will notice you from a far distance, allowing them to adjust their speed for a slow-moving vehicle. The light set includes two mounting brackets as well as a 1/2″ bolt mount option.

Use this light as a replacement for any of these John Deere OEM numbers:

  • RE284891
  • RE250561
  • RE193222
  • RE250562
  • RE172010
  • RE199920
LED Amber Light for Rear Extremity Arm | TL2030
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