Littelfuse MCASE Cartridge Fuse 40A, 32V, Time Delay, 0695040, Green


Current Rating 40A
Series MCASE Series
Nominal Voltage 32V
Color Green
MCASE+™ is a time delayed fuse designed to withstand inrush currents within a miniaturized footprint for optimal performance in minimal space. The Unslotted MCASE+™ cartridge style fuse can protect up to 40A with female terminals for 2.8 mm male terminals. The Slotted MCASE+™ Fuse is rated up to 60A and can mate with 6.3mm male terminals or even mount performance in minimal space directly onto a busbar. MCASE+ High Temperature (HT) have a lower voltage drop and are designed to operate with a lower temperature rise in harsher environmental applications.
  • Littelfuse 0695040.PX4 MCASE Fuse Cartridges
  • Category: Cartridge Fuses
  • Manufacturer: Littelfuse
  • Series: MCASE Fuses
  • Style: Cartridge Fuse
  • Voltage Rating: 32V
  • Current Rating: 40A
  • Female terminals for 2.8mm male terminals
  • Miniaturized footprint for optimal usage of space
  • Handles inrush currents

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