Littelfuse 02981001ZXT MEGA Fuse Holder, 500A Bolt Down, 32V, Black



The Littelfuse MEGA® 298 Bolt-Down Series High-Current Fuse Holder works with MEGA® bolt-down fuses. As a high-amp fuse holder, it’s ideal for battery and alternator connections as well as providing ultra-high current protection for other types of  heavy gauge cables.  Interlocking pins on the sides let you connect additional MEGA® 298 Bolt-Down Series fuse holders for multi-fuse applications.

The MEGA® 298 Bolt-Down Series fuse holder is offered in a wide variety of configurations. Base style options include one with M6 mounting holes and one with extended M6 mounting slots measuring 15mm long. Additionally, there are configurations available with and without fuses. The UL 94 rated cover included with each fuse holder.


Agency Approval – Shock: VS-005002/VS-005005
Agency Approval – Vibration: VS-005002/VS-005005
Current Rating Max: 500 Amps, 400 Amps
Fuse Type: MEGA (298)
Humidity: 97%±3% relative humidity at 40°C±3C for 16 hrs
Ignition Protection: V-2
IgnitionProof: UL- 94
Ingress Protection: Dust Protection
Ingress Rating: VS-005002/VS-005005
Input Terminals: M8 Stud, M6 Stud
Mounting Method: Bolt-Down, M6 Slots / M6 Mounting Holes
Output Terminals: M8 Stud, M6 Stud
Recommended Torque: 8mm Hex Nut: 12-18 Nm (106-159 IN-LBS) 6mm Hex Nut: 8-14 Nm (71-124 IN-LBS)
Max Voltage Rating: 32V DC, 72V DC

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  • Battery and Alternator Connections
  • High-Current Circuit Protection
  • Body Builders
  • Medium-Duty Vehicles