LED Rectangular Flood Light | TL130F



Item Number: TL130F

Tiger Lights LED Rectangular Flood Light brightly illuminates a large area. You’ll get significantly more light than with older incandescent and halogen lights. This work light will allow you to see farther and wider to see better at nighttime or in dark indoor spaces. With an average service life of 50,000 hours, this LED light also lasts longer than older technologies. The stainless steel hardware and mounting bracket ensures easy installation and resists rust and corrosion in outdoor environments.

LED Rectangular Flood Light. Includes: Stainless Steel Hardware, Mounting Bracket Amps: 4.5. Voltage: 12 to 24. Dimensions: 4 x 6. Lumen Rating: 3,500. Watts: 55

Manufacturer: TIGERLIGHT