Crimp Terminals

We proudly represent the Molex brand when it comes to high quality at a low price for crimp terminals. Crushin Ag offers a variety of quality crimp terminals including:

  • Bullet Quick Disconnect
  • Butt Connectors
  • Ring Terminals
  • Battery Terminals
  • Spade Quick Disconnects
  • Flag – Spade Quick Disconnects
  • Tap Quick Connectors

Perma-Seal Terminals

Perma-Seal terminals and splices provide a rugged, environmentally sealed connection for wire sizes 8 to 22 AWG that will insulate, seal and protect joints from physical abuse and abrasion, water, salt and other corrosive compounds.

Perma-Seal waterproof adhesive terminals and splices provide long-lasting, moisture-proof connections that withstand many corrosive fluids (which cause serious problems for conventional, unsealed splices) such as saltwater, hydraulic fluids and gasoline. The inner wall of the heat-shrinkable Perma-Seal sleeve is lined with a special hot-melt adhesive that is inert at room temperature, permitting wires to be inserted easily into the splices and terminals. As the sleeve is heated, the adhesive melts and flows under pressure from the tubing. This action fills any existing voids and creates a seal that repels moisture or dust incursion even during pressure cycling and withstands the most rigorous tests that can be applied to high-performance splices such as the salt fog test in MIL-T-7928.

The tough and durable sleeve of Perma-Seal splices and terminals resists abrasion and cutting. This protection helps to maintain the insulation and sealing properties even in the most hostile environments, inside and out.

NiAc insulation shrinks 40% faster than nylon or polyolefin tubing

Improves efficiency and minimizes labor cost

Lined with hot melt adhesive

Completely seals the termination area and heals any splits in insulation caused by crimping

Abrasion resistant

Prevents wearing caused by excess vibration

Shrinks at a low temperature of 90°C

Prevents accidental damage to wire insulation

Excellent insulation clarity

Easy to see wire conductor is fully inserted into crimp barrel before crimping

Broad range of terminal styles

A terminal for every application


Automotive Vehicles

Commercial Vehicle

Commercial vehicles

Marine equipment


Fountains, pools and spas


Illuminated signs

This is not a definitive list of applications for this product. It represents some of the more common uses.

High-Temperature Temp Terms Terminals and Splices

High-Temperature Temp Term Terminals and Splices provide excellent performance and are ideal for use in extreme temperatures up to +649°C

Temp Terms terminals and splices are ideal for electrical and electronic circuitry in extreme thermal applications such as motors and ovens. The consistent, high-quality and rugged reliability assures proper performance even at temperatures up to +649°C (1200°F). Temp Terms are designed and value-engineered for three different high-ambient temperature ranges: +343, +483 and +649°C (650, 900 and 1200°F, respectively). The terminals and splices in each range are fabricated from different materials to obtain maximum thermal performance at optimum initial and installed costs.

VersaKrimp Temp Terms terminals and splices operate at the maximum temperature of +343°C (650°F). These barrel style terminals and splices are constructed of nickel-plated copper.

Krimptite Temp Terms terminals are designed to perform in ambient operating temperatures up to +483°C (900°F). These nickel-plated, steel alloy products are available in butted seam and barrel style. Ring tongue terminals are available in 22 through 10 AWG wire ranges to provide reliable performance in hostile temperature environments.

Krimptite Temp Terms ring tongue terminals afford the ultimate reliability at +649°C (1200°F). The butted seam barrels are fabricated from pure nickel and accommodate the 22 through 10 AWG wire ranges.