Crimp Terminals & Connectors

Crimp terminals is a generic terminology that we use to describe connectors & terminals that do not require a connector body to terminate the wire.  Crimp terminals come in several different types, varieties, colors, dimeters, specifications, insulations types and designs.  Crimp terminals are often designated as the following types:



Butt Connectors & SplicesWire PinsQuick Disconnects
Bullet Connectors or Snap ConnectorsX ConnectorsPCB Tabs
Closed End ConnectorsBattery TerminalsRing Terminals
Hook TerminalsFork TerminalsIDC & T-Tap Connectors
Parallel ConnectorsSpade Connectors


CrushinAG carries 3 different “Brands” of crimp terminals & connectors:

  • Molex
  • 3M
  • Generic

Crimp  terminals & connectors are available as INSULATED & NON-INSULATED.  When it comes to which insulated version to use, we prefer to use the Molex Perma-Seal.  These terminals shrinks at a lower temperature (90°C) and shrinks up to 40% quicker than most of the competitive products.  They create a waterproof adhesive seal, have simple installation, tough and field environment rated and versatile.  Now, does this mean that it is all the brands we recommend? No.  3M Scotchlok™ is a more than suitable alternative.

PRO-TIP  Working in a confined space or small diameter environment?  Try using a NON-INSULATED terminal coupled with double wall heat-shrink.