8 Way Rock Light Power Distribution to LED Base Cable


Brand Name: Crushin Off Road
Model Number: 16RL-8D
Warranty: 365 days
Type:  Rock Light LED Extension Cable
Length: 1 Feet, 8 Ports
Function:  LED Power
Material:  Stranded Copper
Usage: LED Light system component
LED Chip:  n/a
Lumen: n/a
Lifespan: n/a
Series: HD/Punisher Series

Power Distribution Cables Available: 16RL-4D16RL-6D, 16RL-8D

Connect these Dual Port Extensions into the distribution cable: 16RL-EXT16X2, 16RL-EXT12X2, 16RL-EXT8X2, 16RL-EXT6X2, 16RL-EXT3X2

f you are needing different lengths of extension cables than what are listed in the kit, email us after you place your order at sales@crushinoffroad.com or make sure to note the lengths you request in the notes section of your order.

Why Buy Our Crushin Off Road Rock Light Kit?

Great question……

Our kits are designed and engineered right here in America.  We spent countless hours interviewing and surveying the specialists in the industry about what they like and what they don’t like about the existing kits in the industry.  Here is what we learned and what we decided:

  1. We wanted to produce a quality product.  Period.  If our name is going to be on it, we are going to stand behind it and people are going to love it.
  2. We wanted it to be the easiest to install kit on the market.  There are a lot of kits out there that make that claim and I’m sure that is a relative term.  We spend a lot of time refining our products to make them better and easier to install.  We LOVE feedback.  If you notice something that would make it better or easier to install, TELL US!  That’s how we make a better product!  We want to work WITH you, not just sell you something!
  3. We wanted to have a product that is truly an IP68 rated system.  We want it to be able to stand to be water resistant in fresh water to a maximum depth of 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes, and are protected from dust – all without the need for extra cases or covers.
  4. We wanted have the brightest possible lights available and the purest white color available.
  5. We wanted to have a system that was scalable.  If you can only afford a 4 piece kit right now, but want to add 2 more later, then go to 8, then 16, it can easily be done with our system!
  6. We wanted to have the least amount of wiring and “mess” in the engine compartment as possible.  Every other system we looked at was very clunky and messy under the hood.  Our system only requires the battery power cable and relay under the hood.  Everything else mounts securely under the chassis!
  7. We wanted to produce this product at a cost effective price, however we know it was a premium product.  Those who are serious about buying a real rock light kit, welcome to the Crushin Off Road brotherhood.

Each LED Rock Light

Single LED Light Pod Only, 8″ Pigtail Lead with Deutsch DTM06-2S-CE02 connector with rear boot seal and double wall heat shrink

Looking for a killer LED light for outfitting your truck, Jeep or any other off-road vehicle?  Well look no farther my friend!  This is a high quality light constructed of a heavy aluminum body and ultra-bright, pure white LED.   Rest assured that this system has been carefully designed for toughest of conditions and an easy installation.

The wiring system was designed and installed here in the USA!  We don’t just make these products, we also use them!  This light will not disappoint!

Have questions about our LED Rock Lights systems?  Shoot us an email.  We’re here to help!  sales@crushinoffroad.com

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