AgCam/EnduraCam/RazerCam Camera to Audiovox Video Adapter Cable | DMAC-ADVX-M


Allows for the input of a single AgCam/EnduraCam/RazerCam camera into Audiovox, Voyager and ToughCam monitors

  • Camera Input – 1 AgCam/EnduraCam/RazerCam Camera Input
  • Power Input – None required, camera powered by monitor
  • Connections – AgCam/EnduraCam/RazerCam Female (5 pin) to Audiovox Male (4 pin)
  • Adapter Cable length – 8.75in

Download the Operators Manual Here from our Knowledge Base!

Don’t want to buy a seperate monitor or use your existing monitor that is in your in equipment but not sure which cable you need to fit the camera you are looking at to your monitor?  Well look no further my friend!  Check out and download the Monitor Input Guide from Dakota Micro!  If you need more assistance, don’t be afraid to reach out!  Shoot us an email: or give us a call:  270-978-3198

Download the Monitor Input Guide from Dakota Micro