Airmix Anvil Flood Nozzle, AMAN02, Yellow


The AirMix® Nozzle is a compact, two piece air injection nozzle that fits in a standard cap, and can be cleaned without tools. The AirMix® utilizes a unique air cleaning system to prevent nozzle plugging. Please target 40 psi when selecting nozzle size, to allow for changes in speed. Higher pressures are recommended for penetrating dense canopies and for coverage critical contact chemicals. Acid resistant polypropylene AirMix® AMCQ nozzles are the only Greenleaf Technologies nozzles recommended for strong acid applications.

The new TipGuard Spray Tip Protection System protects spray nozzles from damage caused by hard ground, fence posts, irrigation systems and other obstacles. The TipGuard is also compatible with other similar nozzle types. It is easy to handle with gloves, and stackable for easy storage. Sold in
stacks of ten.

  • Pressure Range: 15-90 psi
  • Recommended Boom Height: 16-36” (with 20” nozzle spacing)
  • Materials of Construction: Polyacetal, or polypropylene with EPDM (AMCQ)