AirMix Nozzle, Low Pressure-AM, AM110025, Purple


  • GPM/Nozzle:  .15-.38
  • Pressure Range: 15-90 psi
  • Recommended Boom Height: 16-36” (with 20” nozzle spacing)
  • Materials of Construction: Polyacetal, or polypropylene with EPDM (AMCQ)
  • Color: Purple


  • AM 110° Flat Fan AirMix® Venturi Nozzle
  • AMDF Dual 110° Flat Fan AirMix® Venturi Nozzle
  • AMCQ 110° Flat Fan Acid Resistant AirMix®
  • AMOC Off Center AirMix®
  • 15-90 psi Overall pressure range
  • Estimated life (60’ boom, 20” centers) 15,000-20,000 acres

AirMix® Specifications and Why

  • AirMix® Nozzle is a compact, economical air injection nozzle designed to provide both drift control and surface coverage at conventional spray pressures.
  • The AirMix® produces a coarser droplet spectrum than either the XR* or Turbo TeeJet®*, across a wider range of pressure. For example, if a 300-600 micron VMD is desired, the 11004 AirMix® may be operated between 15 and 70 psi; the Turbo TeeJet®* must stay below 30 psi, and the XR* cannot be used. Because the AirMix® produces droplets that are roughly 50% air bubbles, the AirMix® provides twice the number of droplets than a similar VMD conventional nozzle.
  • The AirMix® reduces the percentage of driftable fines by about 80% compared to the XR*, and 50% compared to the Turbo TeeJet®*. For example, at 30 psi almost 10% of the spray is “driftable fines” with the XR*, and over 4% with the Turbo TeeJet®*.
  • The AirMix® has less than 2% of its volume as driftable fines.
  • The AirMix® has a wider overall pressure range, with a unique combination of drift control and coverage.