AirMix TipGuard Stack, Red, AMTGST 04


  • Ten count stacks of pre-assembled
  • AirMix® nozzles with AirMix TipGuard™ and G125 seat gasket, for easy assembly onto sprayer.
  • The TipGuard System protects spray nozzles from damage caused by impact with the ground, fence posts, irrigation systems or other obstacles.

Note: Photo shows AirMix® and G125 Gasket inserted. (Each item sold separately)

  • GPM/Nozzle: .24-.60
  • COLOR: Red
  • Pressure Range: 15-90 psi
  • Recommended Boom Height: 16-36” (with 20” nozzle spacing)
  • Materials of Construction: Polyacetal, with EPDM
  • Tip: AM111004

Download your Greenleaf Nozzle Spacing Tab Chart Here, Direct From Our Knowledge Base!