CANBUS Cable, Vehicle Cab CAN-Power Cable with Implement Connection, Ag Leader CAN A


Ever have problems connecting your implement to cab cable with Ag Leader CAN A systems?  Ever wish you didn’t have to climb up the 3 point arms just to make a connection?  Wouldn’t it be great if it hang low enough out of the back of the cable so that you could reach the hookup point from the ground?  Here ya go!

  • Ag Leader Technology Compatible
  • 9′ Length
  • Adapter cable to Implement CANBUS-Power Cable
  • Made in the USA

Ag Leader CAN A System Compatible Cable

Need a shorter cable?  See 9-4001979-3  3 Foot Cab Cable

Need a different or specific length?  Email us at:  One of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you!  Don’t want to email?  Shoot us a text or call us at:  270-978-3198

Compatibility Reference:

  • 4000219 Cable, CAN Bus Stub (Standard 12″)
  • 4001531 Cable, CAN Bus Stub Planter Monitoring (Standard 12″)
  • 4001045 Cable, CAN Bus Stub, Clutch Module (Standard 16″)
  • 4000450 Cable, CAN Bus Stub, LCM, Liquid Control Module (Standard 12″)
  • 4000220 Cable, CAN Bus Stub, Moisture Module (Standard 12″)
  • 4001047 Cable, CAN Bus Stub, 2nd Module Kit (Standard 20″)
  • 4001044 Cable, CAN Bus Stub, Granular Module (Standard 14″)
  • 4001454 Cable, CAN Bus Stub, Seed Rate Module (Standard 22″)
  • 4001046 Cable, CAN Bus Stub, Direct Injection Module (Standard 18″)

Cable Specifics:

  • Compatible with all Ag Leader CAN A systems
  • Seed Command (Gen 1)
  • Liquid Command (Gen 1)
  • Harvest & Yield Monitor Systems (CAN Based Systems)
  • Hydraulic Rate Control Modules
  • Clutch Control Modules

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