Cable – Radar, Dickey John, 6 in.


Stub Cable – 6 Inches In Total Length

  • Trying to connect speed in your Dickey John tractor but don’t know how?
  • Trying to setup an auxiliary speed for Ag Leader switchbox or auxiliary module and have a Dickey John radar existing?

If you are trying to take your Dickey John radar and send it to the Ag Leader system, this is the cable for you!

Why is adding a secondary or auxiliary speed source important for an Ag Leader system? (or any precision ag system for that matter?)

  • Anytime your GPS looses connection or visibility to sky, your console or monitor can automatically switch to a ground speed source OR also known as a radar.  Most implements, planters, combines, etc require speed as a known parameter to calculate area, machine function, planter meter speeds, valve operations, etc.

Download the cable schematic here