LED Light Flush Mount Light for Claas Combine, Massey, & John Deere | TL9090



Item Number: TL9090

Claas Combine Light. Will also fit some Massey Ferguson tractors with high visibility cabs, and John Deere Forage Harvesters. Oversized Aluminum Heatsink, Aluminum Bezel, Direct fit.

Replaces OEM Part Numbers: AZ41570, 3713134M91

LED Light Flush Mount Light for Claas Combine, Massey, & John Deere | TL9090
ClaasCombineLexion 450
ClaasCombineLexion 460
ClaasCombineLexion 460R
ClaasCombineLexion 470
ClaasCombineLexion 470R
ClaasCombineLexion 475
ClaasCombineLexion 475R
ClaasCombineLexion 480
ClaasCombineLexion 480R
ClaasCombineLexion 485
ClaasCombineLexion 485R
ClaasCombineLexion 560
ClaasCombineLexion 560R
ClaasCombineLexion 570
ClaasCombineLexion 570R
ClaasCombineLexion 575R
ClaasCombineLexion 580R
ClaasCombineLexion 585R
ClaasCombineLexion 590R
ClaasCombineLexion 595R
John DeereForage Harvester6650
John DeereForage Harvester6750
John DeereForage Harvester6850
John DeereForage Harvester6950
John DeereForage Harvester7180
John DeereForage Harvester7200
John DeereForage Harvester7250
John DeereForage Harvester7280
John DeereForage Harvester7300
John DeereForage Harvester7350
John DeereForage Harvester7380
John DeereForage Harvester7400
John DeereForage Harvester7450
John DeereForage Harvester7480
John DeereForage Harvester7500
John DeereForage Harvester7550
John DeereForage Harvester7580
John DeereForage Harvester7700
John DeereForage Harvester7750
John DeereForage Harvester7780
John DeereForage Harvester7800
John DeereForage Harvester7850
John DeereForage Harvester7950
John DeereForage Harvester7980
Massey FergusonTractor4225
Massey FergusonTractor4235
Massey FergusonTractor4240
Massey FergusonTractor4245
Massey FergusonTractor4255
Massey FergusonTractor4260
Massey FergusonTractor4265
Massey FergusonTractor4270
Massey FergusonTractor4325
Massey FergusonTractor4335
Massey FergusonTractor4345
Massey FergusonTractor4355
Massey FergusonTractor4360
Massey FergusonTractor4370
Massey FergusonTractor6140
Massey FergusonTractor6150
Massey FergusonTractor6170
Massey FergusonTractor6180
Massey FergusonTractor6190
Massey FergusonTractor6235
Massey FergusonTractor6245
Massey FergusonTractor6255
Massey FergusonTractor6265
Massey FergusonTractor6270
Massey FergusonTractor6280
Massey FergusonTractor6290
Massey FergusonTractor8120
Massey FergusonTractor8140
Massey FergusonTractor8150
Massey FergusonTractor8160
Massey FergusonTractor8210
Massey FergusonTractor8220
Massey FergusonTractor8240
Massey FergusonTractor8250
Massey FergusonTractor8260
Massey FergusonTractor8270
Massey FergusonTractor8280