DT Series, Deutsch Plug and Receptacle Connector Kit, Size 16 Contacts, 6 Circuit


Connector Kit Includes:

Plug Connector1DT06-6SDT Series, Connector, Plug, 6 Circuit
Socket60460-202-16141Deutsch, Terminal-Contact, Sockets, Size 16
Wedgelock1W6SDT Series, Wedgelock, For Sockets, 6 Circuit
Receptacle Connector1DT04-6PDT Series, Connector, Receptacle, 6 Circuit
Pin60460-202-16141Deutsch, PIN, Size 16, Solid Contact | 0460-202-16141
Wedgelock1W6PDT Series, Wedgelock, For Pins, 6 Circuit
  • Manufacturer:  TE Connectivity
  • Manufacturer Receptacle Connector Part Number:  DT04-6S
  • Manufacturer Plug Connector Part Number:  DT06-6S
  • Product Category:  DT Series
  • Product Type:  Connector Kit, Plug & Receptacle
  • Special Product Attribute:   None
  • Connector Color:    Gray
  • Terminal Assignment:   Pins & Sockets
  • Terminal Sizes:   Size 16
  • Cavities:  6
  • Modification:   None
  • E-Seal:  No

DEUTSCH DT backshells & boots offer a high level of protection and allow convoluted tubing to nest next to the rear of the boot.  Recommended to add a quality double wall heat shrink for added protection and seal.

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