LED Headlight Kit for Quadtrac Tractors | CaseKit-13


This Plug & Play kit replaces all four factory headlights in Case/IH Quadtrac Tractors. The TL6150’s (center light) puts out 15,000 lumens, 5 times more light then factory. The TL6160’s (corner headlights) are design for DOT and EU road travel.

Kit Includes:

2 – TL6150 (Center Headlights)
1 – TL6160L (Left Headlight)
1 – TL6160R (Right Headlight)



LED Headlight Kit for Quadtrac Tractors, CaseKit-13
Case/IHTractor450 Steiger
Case/IHTractor470 Steiger
Case/IHTractor500 Steiger
Case/IHTractor540 Steiger
Case/IHTractor550 Steiger
Case/IHTractor580 Steiger
Case/IHTractor600 Steiger
Case/IHTractorQuadtrac 450
Case/IHTractorQuadtrac 470
Case/IHTractorQuadtrac 500
Case/IHTractorQuadtrac 540
Case/IHTractorQuadtrac 550
Case/IHTractorQuadtrac 580
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