Industrial LED Oval Light for New Holland Tractor w/Swivel Mount | TL7060



Item Number: TL7060

LED Oval Cab Light for Case New Holland Tractor. Uses Original Mount & Wiring.


  • Connector and Stainless Steel Hardware
  • This light will bolt into the original mount in the tractor.

Please reference OEM part number, to ensure proper applications.

Replaces OEM Part Numbers

  • Ford New Holland: 84273088, 84254557
Industrial LED Oval Light for New Holland Tractor w/Swivel Mount | TL7060
Ford New HollandTractorT1804
Ford New HollandTractorT2104
Ford New HollandTractorT2304
Ford New HollandTractorT6.120
Ford New HollandTractorT6.140
Ford New HollandTractorT6.150
Ford New HollandTractorT6.155
Ford New HollandTractorT6.160
Ford New HollandTractorT6.165
Ford New HollandTractorT6.175
Ford New HollandTractorT6010
Ford New HollandTractorT6020
Ford New HollandTractorT6030
Ford New HollandTractorT6040
Ford New HollandTractorT6050
Ford New HollandTractorT6060
Ford New HollandTractorT6070
Ford New HollandTractorT6080
Ford New HollandTractorT6090
Ford New HollandTractorT7.170
Ford New HollandTractorT7.175
Ford New HollandTractorT7.185
Ford New HollandTractorT7.190
Ford New HollandTractorT7.200
Ford New HollandTractorT7.210
Ford New HollandTractorT7.220
Ford New HollandTractorT7.225
Ford New HollandTractorT7.230
Ford New HollandTractorT7.235
Ford New HollandTractorT7.245
Ford New HollandTractorT7.250
Ford New HollandTractorT7.260
Ford New HollandTractorT7.270
Ford New HollandTractorT7030
Ford New HollandTractorT7040
Ford New HollandTractorT7050
Ford New HollandTractorT7060
Ford New HollandTractorT7070