Raven, REMAN- Remanufactured RFM 60S (1-60 GPM S.S.) (063-0171-666), 063-0171-666R


Remanufactured NH3 Stainless Steel Raven Flow Meter.  Seasonal Stock Available.  Call to verify stock availability!

  2. Enter a METER CAL number of 10 [38] in the key labelled:
  3. Enter a TOTAL VOLUME of 0 in the key labelled:
  4. Switch OFF all booms.
  5. Remove a boom hose and place in calibrated 5 gallon [19 liter] container.
  6. Switch ON appropriate boom switch and MASTER switch. Pump exactly 10 gallons [38 liters].
  7. Readout in TOTAL VOLUME is the new METER CAL number. This number should be within +/- 3% of the number stamped on the tag on Flow Meter.
  8. Repeat this procedure several times to confirm accuracy. (Always “zero out” the TOTAL VOLUME display before retesting).
  9. NOTE: For greatest precision, set METER CAL to 100 and pump 100 gallons (378 liters) of water.  To verify Flow Meter calibration, fill applicator tank with a predetermined amount of measured liquid (i.e. 250 gallons). DO NOT RELY ON GRADUATION NUMBERS MOLDED INTO APPLICATOR TANK. Empty the applicator tank under normal operating conditions. If the number displayed under TOTAL VOLUME is different from the predetermined amount of measured liquid by more than +/- 3%, complete the following calculation.
  10. Enter corrected METER CAL before resuming application.

See our Flow Meter Document Library for More on Raven Flow Meters and Flow & Application

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