SprayMax 110 Extended Range Nozzles, TCP11010, Light Blue


The SprayMax™ TipCap Nozzle(TCP) is a spray tip and cap that is made as one piece! There’s no more fumbling with the small parts when changing or cleaning spray nozzles. This reduces the chance of your tips ending up in the dirt.

A combination tip and cap molded as one piece that is less expensive than a standard tip alone! A maximum range (total range, extended range) spray tip that can be operated from 15 to 60 psi.  The TCP’s tip is made of Polyacetal for economy and low maintenance. The tip is integrally molded into a polyacetal cap that fits most standard boom fittings.

Most economical extended range flat fan tip (fits conventional caps), Excellent spray distribution over a wide range of pressure, 15-60 psi

  • GPM/Nozzle:  .61-1.22
  • Pressure Range: 15-60 psi overall pressure range
  • Recommended Boom Height: 15-25” (with 20” nozzle spacing)
  • Materials of Construction: Polyacetal construction
  • Color: Black
  • Nozzle Type: 110°
  • Nozzle Use: Multipurpose Tip/Nozzle, Perfect Addition when you already have a cap

Download your Greenleaf Nozzle Spacing Tab Chart Here, Direct From Our Knowledge Base!