1100 Piece, Weather Pack Kit, 2 & 3 Way Connector Kit


Complete Master Technician Kit – Weather Pack

Master Kit Complete List of Products Include:

Component TypeQTYSKUDescription
Connector252WC-2FDelphi-Aptiv Weather Pack 2 Circuit Female Connector, Tower
Connector252WC-2MDelphi-Aptiv Weather Pack 2 Circuit Male Connector, Shroud
Connector252WC-3FDelphi-Aptiv Weather Pack 3 Circuit Female Connector, Tower
Connector252WC-3MDelphi-Aptiv Weather Pack 3 Circuit Male Connector, Shroud
Socket Terminal2502WS-161412124580 Female, SOCKET, Loose Terminal, 16-14
Pin Terminal2502WP-161412124582 Male, PIN, Loose Terminal, 16-14
Cable-Wire Seal2002WSEALGRN15324982 Weather-Pack Metri-Pack 280 Series Green Cable Seal
Cable-Wire Seal1002WSEALGRY15324980 Weather-Pack Metri-Pack 280 Series Gray Cable Seal
Cable-Wire Seal1002WSEALRED15324983 Weather Pack – Metri-Pack 280 Series Cable Seal, Dark Red
Cavity Plug1002WPLGWeather Pack Green Cavity Plug, Each, 12010300

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